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Gutter?  The uninitiated thought of a gutter as something that simply channels water so it doesn't drip everywhere. We know better however - the gutter protects our roof, crawl space and the foundations of our homes and basements from water damage.

As well as the wide array of services we offer to residential homeowners, we offer these same
services to commercial or residential builders.

Most often the only time you're thinking about gutters is when it's raining outside or when they become clogged with leaves and pine needles.  With our service you can actually sit back and enjoy a rain storm.

Seem a bit overwhelming?  We help make it simple by providing you with a means for free and no obligation quotes.

Is your home ready for the fall season? Pretty soon leaves will be filling the unprotected gutters of homes all over Atlanta! Don't let it be yours!  Call us today to find out how to protect your home!!

Metal Roofs

When choosing a roof, it is important to take into consideration the long term benefits of having a metal roof. 

A metal roof will last three times as long as the traditional shingle roof. 

Metal roofs will not deteriorate and can withstand almost everything mother nature throws it's way.

Dry Under-Deck Systems

Finally a new way to eliminate your "dead space" beneath your elevated deck and turn it into an entertainment area for your family regardless of the rain. 

With our exclusive snap-n-seal installation by our factory trained installers, your new under-deck system will become a favorite addition to your home.

Grading / Landscaping

We offer a variety of services including land clearing, site preparation, excavating, grading and demolition.

At Exterior Dreams, we know exactly what your lawn needs when it comes to laying new sod. Our trained professionals will work to make your lawn greener and give you more time to enjoy it. 

Turn your yard into a spectacular showpiece, whether you're planning all-new landscaping or hoping to upgrade your scenery.

Ornamental Metal Fencing

We offer a new alternative to your standard fence.

This state of the art fence is affordable and will transfer your yard into a beautiful place for you and your family to make new memories. 

It has all the look of wrought iron but is a galvanized steel with a thermo-plastic coating that will not rust.


   When it comes to choosing vinyl siding for your home, you want just the right look.  You also want it to last and to be virtually maintainance-free

All these factors are essential. With so many available colors, textures, shapes and sizes to choose from, finding a look which expresses the essence of your personal tastes is easy. 

Let us help you find the look you want today.

Siding your home is a large expense and careful consideration should be given to this decision.  You as a homeowner, need to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company and a team of expert installers.

Once you've decided to side your home with vinyl siding, it's inportant to know that the quality of the installation is just as inportant as choosing a high quality product. We have trained and experienced professionals to help ensure that our home's siding will look great and perform for years to come.

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